Random Thoughts Of The Day

So I really dislike Idaho, I really do.  It’s a long story of why I’m here, but Idaho is at the very bottom of my list of places to live.  I dislike the winters, most of the people around where I live I consider white trash.  Our neighborhood is decent, but the city of Caldwell is sorta like the white trash of the Treasure Valley.  I’m in Caldwell because it’s where my wife was living at the time we met.  She had purchased it brand new on her own about 4 years prior to us meeting.  But even she thinks living in or closer to Boise would be better.  She works in Boise, everything we like to do is in Boise and Caldwell school district is horrible, one of the worst in Idaho.

I’ve been thinking it’s time to start finding a job.  I was laid-off a year ago this March and we decided I would be a stay at home parent.  It is work let me tell you.  It’s even more so now because of our 3 month old now.  My wife had her tubes tied over 2 yrs ago, so Alexia was a surprise.  Gabriella will be 3 in August and she’s quite fun.  I find myself going through various phases of stress and feeling like I don’t contribute anything to the household.  I feel like I should be working and bringing in a check.  Maybe that’s the “Man” part of me, but I feel kinda useless sometimes.

Money, we always try and figure it out but we always seem to struggle from pay check to pay check. Maybe this is why I feel like I need to get back working. My wife’s income is great, especially in Idaho, but we seem to struggle all the time and that causes more issues in the house.  Something has to change, I don’t work, I hate Idaho and we;re struggling every month.  We never have any fun money to do anything.  We don’t do “date night” which would be nice, its the same old thing, dinner, baths, tv, bed.  The winter months suck here because you can’t really go outside for extended periods of time so you feel confined to the house ALL DAY.

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